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XTrackCAD is another free track designer software to design railway tracks. It comes with more than 30 pre-designed railway tracks. You can find these railway tracks in the examples folder. You can edit these designs or make your own design by starting from the beginning.

In order to design a railway track, go to File > New. Now, click on Add and select the type of track which you want to place in the workspace. Different types of tracks and elements are available, some of which include straight track, curve track, circle track, parallel track, signal, sensor, etc. Not only tracks, you can also draw other objects on your design such as stations, shops, etc. This can be done by drawing shapes in the design. Besides this, you can also draw straight lines, curved lines, circles, etc. Though horizontal and vertical scales are provided on the workspace, you can also add additional scales to the design at the specific region for measurement.

Text and Note are two important features of this software.

  • Text: Use this feature to add texts at different locations to highlight them in the design.
  • Note: With this tool, you can add notes to the design. For example, a summary of the track design.

Click on any object to view its meta description, like grade, manufacturer’s name, part number, layer, etc. You can view all the parts added to the design in Parts List.

After completing the design, you can save it in XTrackCAD format or export it in BMP format.

All in all, XTrackCAD is one of the best track design software to design railway tracks which comes with a lot of features.

Download XTrackCAD