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webERP is a free and open source sales management software for Windows. It lets you manage sales transactions, maintain contracts, and generate a variety of reports for the same.

The interface of this software is made up of the combination of several menus and sub-menus. From the Main Menu, you can access options to manage Sales, Receivables, Purchases, Inventory, Manufacturing, General Ledger, etc. of the organization.

Sales sub-menu is categorized under the Main menu and is further classified into three categories: Transactions, Inquiries and Reports, and Maintenance. From the Transaction part of Sales, you get options to manage New Sales Order/Quotation, Outstanding Sales Order/Quotation, Special Orders, Process Recurring orders, etc. While creating contracts and maintaining them, the Maintenance option comes in handy. Using Inquiries and Reports sub-menu, you can inquire about sales order, top seller, top sell item, top customer, etc. and also generate a variety of reports including order status report, orders invoiced reports, worst sell item report, sales with low gross profit report, etc. It also provides you option to generate sales graphs (bar, line, pie, area, etc.) for a specified duration of time.

Taking everything into consideration, it is one of the best sales management software. Apart from sales management, you can also use this software to manage many other organizational aspects (receivables, purchases, etc.).

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