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StockwareLite is one of the best free portfolio management software for Windows. It is available in Pro and Lite versions. The Lite version is completely free, but with limited functionalities.

Using this free portfolio software, you can create and edit a portfolio consisting of information about purchase date, price, quantity, last trade date and price, percentage change in trade, etc. Also, you can track total investment, profit/loss, rate of interest, etc. It also lets you generate portfolio status chart, to compare percentage change in stock from the number of days since purchase.

Not only portfolio management, it also lets you generate stock price line chart for technical analysis. It comes with Franklin oscillator that helps to generate line graphs by removing false signals and moves in the wave like pattern of the chart.

It also comes with stock news reader which lets you fetch news about stocks of various companies in real time.

The Pro version of this portfolio management software provides many other advanced options. You can check and compare its versions by visiting its home page.

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