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Stereogrammer is a free stereogram maker software for Windows. It is a .NET based software that is mainly used to create Autostereograms or single image stereograms (SIS). In order to create a stereogram, it needs two types of images as input namely, a depth map and a texture image. By using the two images, it produces an output 2D stereogram image, but that image will look more like a 3D image when viewed from some certain angles.

On the interface of this freeware, you get three sections namely depth map, texture, and stereograms. Depth map and texture sections contains various images which you need to select in order to create a stereogram. After selecting one picture each from both image sections, press the Generate button to set up output image parameters. You can manually change various parameters of output stereogram like resolution, depth, separation, algorithm, oversampling, etc. After that press OK to create the stereogram. You can view or export the newly created stereogram image as JPG, BMP, and PNG file formats.

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