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Start Menu X


Start Menu X is an excellent free Start menu customizer software for Windows. The free version of this software comes with some functional limitations. As you install this software, the default Start menu will be changed with a new one. Now, you can click on Start button to access other options to customize this new Start menu.

There are three Start menu styles present in this software, namely, Start Menu X (default), Classic Menu, and Start Menu 10. You can select from these styles whichever you like. There are various skins available to choose from, such as classic, classic sky, Crystal Graphite, Windows Metro, Windows Spring, etc. It also lets you perform scaling of text to adjust the appearance.

One of the promising features of this software is that it lets you browse folders, sub-folders, and even files by easy navigation. Also, it lets you sort contents in categories (called as Virtual Groups) as per their types, which are: System, Graphics, Games, Office, Internet, and Others. Thus, you can easily access software and other files by looking in the appropriate category. You can customize these virtual groups by removing or adding programs.

It lets you change Start button icon, and provides easy reach to various options by pinning them to the Start menu. You can add Power Control, User Account, Sleep, Hibernate, Lock, Log Off, etc. buttons to the Start menu. It even lets you set customized shortcut keys to easily access aforesaid added buttons.

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