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Spentura! Battery Saver


Spentura! Battery Saver is a free and portable laptop battery saver software for Windows. It is a straightforward battery saver as all the features are available on its main interface. To optimize battery, it first scans all the programs and finds out excessive battery consuming programs. After that, it either disables those programs or free caches and other resources to reduce power consumption.

As it is a simple program, so you just need to hit the optimize now button to start battery optimization. It quickly finishes the optimization and shows the number of programs that have been optimized. Unlike other battery saver software, it does not automatically start at the startup of Windows. So, you need to launch it every time in order to use this software. The only drawback of this software is its lack of options. Still, less options make it a good software for first-time users.

This battery optimizer also provides necessary details like charging/discharging status, estimated charging time, estimated discharging time, etc.

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