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RocketDock is a pretty nice desktop customizer software for Windows. When you launch this software, it adds an application dock to your desktop. By default, the application dock contains folders which are regularly accessed by most users like Music, Document, Network, Pictures, Recycle Bin, etc. You can personalize this dock by adding multiple files, paths, and blank icons to it. Also, you can delete an already existing icon from the dock. In addition, you can categorize different sets of the applications with a separator.

Desktop Personalization Options in RocketDock

  • It lets you customize icons for the files, folders, and programs present on the application dock. Just click on a particular item on the dock and go to Icon Settings. From here, you will see some icons using which you can change icon for the chosen item. You can get more icons from internet by clicking on Get More button. The preview of icon is viewed in the same window, plus you can add properties like its name, target, arguments, start in, etc.
  • You can change dock position on desktop to top, bottom, left, or right of the screen.
  • Its dock settings menu lets you set up different preferences for the dock, like icon settings (quality, opacity, size, zoom, zoom width, zoom duration, hover effect), style(dock theme, opacity, font, outline opacity, shadow opacity, etc.), behavior (icon attention effect, auto hide, popup on mouseover), etc.
  • Lock item is another useful feature of these software which lets you lock an item present on the dock.

In my opinion, RocketDock is one of the best desktop customizer software. You can set up its general preferences including language, run at startup, store settings in a portable INI, minimize windows to the dock, running application indicators, etc.

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