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Pokki is a free Start menu customizer software for Windows. It is an alternative to Windows default Start menu. If you are using this software, you can still use Windows default Start menu. As you install this software, it will be pinned to the Taskbar and you can launch Start menu from there.

As you launch it by clicking on Pokki Start menu icon, the Start menu pops up. Now, you can access a number of configurable options from its interface. Also, you can change the Pokki Start menu icon. There are three categories available on its interface that help to manage computer programs accordingly. These categories are My Favorites, All Programs, and Control Panel. You can create a favorite list of programs and arrange them in a grid in order to improve accessibility. The good thing is you can directly uninstall any program from this Start menu.

At the top of the interface, it provides a Search box to look for apps or files of your PC. There is a notification button given next to the search box to check out new notifications. You can also edit content to appear on menu sidebar. It also lets you change theme, color, and language for Start menu.

From the left bottom corner of this Start menu, you can click on the given Windows icon to use the default Windows Start menu at any point of time.

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