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Picture Cutout Guide Lite


Picture Cutout Guide Lite is another free image background remover software for Windows. It provides many configuration options to adjust many other image parameters (discussed below).

To use this software to remove image’s background, just click on ‘Separation’ option and select ‘Edge’ mode. Now, choose ‘Object or Background’ option. After that, go to ‘Fill’ option and fill the complete image with semitransparent color. Now, you need to precisely perform outlining of the object and correct outlining deviation errors. After that, by going through Separate > Effects option, you can easily remove the background of the object.

This image background eraser software also lets you have preview of original and manipulated image. Finally, you can save manipulated image in JPG, TIFF, PNG, or BMP format.

It also lets you resize, crop, rotate, add text with various font styles, etc. Also, you can change image’s brightness, contrast, gamma, saturation, and many more parameters.

If you get any problem in using this software, you can go to ‘Demonstration’ menu and have a demo of many other features including background removal process.

Download Picture Cutout Guide Lite