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Picasa is another free color inverter software for Windows. It is basically an image editing software that also inverts image colors. Invert color effect is one of the many effects which are present in this software.

This freeware also has a really handy library that automatically detects almost all images present in the system. If an image is not automatically detected by it, then you can add that picture manually. Input image of almost every image format is supported by this software, so just add images without thinking about image format.

To apply invert effect, first, double-click on a picture from its library to view effects tabs. On the left side of the interface, five different tabs with different effects and settings will appear. Select the fourth tab and click on invert colors effect. You can view the preview of added effect on the interface in real-time.

The color-inverted image can only be saved as JPEG file format.

Using Picasa, you can add text and modify highlights, color temperature, etc., after applying the color inverted effect. One more feature that I like in this software is that it lets you compare two similar images side by side. This comparison feature also lets you add effect on one picture without affecting the other one. Many other features related to editing are present in this software, so explore it to know more about its editing features

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