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OpenStudio is a cross-platform building energy modeling software. It is available for platforms including Windows, Mac, and Linux. It provides a feature-rich collection of tools to build an energy model. Also, it comes with a variety of building project templates to further modify such as hospital, small hotel, secondary school, supermarket, warehouse, office, etc.

As you launch the software, you will see various modules at the left side of the interface. These modules include Site (add weather file and date), Schedules, Constructions (create construction sets for surfaces), Loads (create load definition for load objects), Space Types (define loads, schedule, and construction sets), Geometry, Thermal Zones (edit thermostat, humidistat, zone equipment, etc.), Facility (add building, stories, shading, and exterior equipment), HVAC Systems (create, inspect, and edit air and plants loops), Spaces, Simulation Settings, and more.

For each module, you get different tabs to prepare respective data set. For example, for Site, you get Weather File & Design Days, Life Cycle Costs, and Utility Bills tabs; for Construction, you get Construction Sets, Constructions, and Material tabs. To add items to your model, there are tabs named My Model (see items included in your model), Library, and Edit (edit settings for components) at the right side of the interface. The Library contains several preloaded components to use in your models. It also lets you add downloaded components from Building Component Library using valid BCL Auth Key. You can drag and drop a file from Library to the main working window to build an energy model. The library is well categorized depending upon the item type.

After creating an energy model, you can export it in the format of OpenStudio project (.oso) format only. To import or export a file, it supports IDF, SFC, gbXML, and SDD formats.

Use Run Simulation feature to compile your energy modeling project. Prior to that, you can configure simulation settings which include date range, sizing parameters, radiance parameters, simulation control, convergence limit, heat balance algorithm, shadow calculation, zone air contaminant balance, etc.

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