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OpenJUMP is yet another free map making software for Windows. It is a JAVA based application, so be sure that you have installed JAVA on your system before running it.

Start your project by importing a shapefile. After you import a shapefile, you can use the available tools and mark different points, create paths by drawing lines, etc. on the map. You can also create custom maps from scratch without importing a shapefile.

Various types of Editing tools are provided in the software. These tools are helpful in creating custom maps. You can draw polygons, mark various points on the map, join points with lines, draw circles of any radius, etc.

The measurement toolbox of this software has many measurement tools, which lets you measure distance, area, angle, coordinates, azimuth, etc. on the map. You can also change the unit of measurement to kilometer, meter, feet, yards, miles, etc. Good thing is that unlike other software, it lets you display measurements on the customized map output.

After creating a map, you can save your project in JMP and JCS formats. Also, you can save the view of your map in JPG or PNG format.

Download OpenJUMP