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MySQL Workbench


MySQL Workbench is a free database schema designer software for Windows. This software is basically used to create and manage connections with database servers, server administration, data migration, and more.

How to create a visual database schema model in MySQL Workbench

To design a visual database schema, firstly, you need to click on Add Diagram option from Model menu. Now, you can add layers and tables to your model. Later, you can add columns, indexes, foreign keys, triggers, partitioning, options, inserts, and privileges. Let’s talk about these elements in brief:

  1. Columns: Add columns to your tables with name, data type (int, default expression, comments, etc). You can define the column as primary key, not null, zero fill, unsigned, auto increment, binary, generated, and/or unique.
  2. Indexes: Add indexes with desired columns and specify index options like storage type, key block size, parser, and index comment.
  3. Foreign Keys: Add foreign keys with referenced table and select options like on update and delete (set null, cascade, restrict, no action).
  4. Triggers: Create or edit triggers like before insert, after insert, before udate, after update, etc.
  5. Partitioning: Enable partitioning for a specific table, define partition type (linear hash, linear key, list, etc.), partition count, etc.
  6. Options: Here, you can setup preferences like table password, row format, storage options, merge table options, etc.
  7. Inserts: Manage insert statements.
  8. Privileges: Manage assigned roles and privileges here.

From left panel of the interface, you can view and manage the content of layers, user types, etc. It lets you select different color schemes to make the database schema even more visually appealing.

You can export the schema design as PNG, SVG, single page PDF, or single page PostScript files. It lets you print the created database model too.

MySQL Workbench is one of the best database digram designer software in my opinion. Apart from above features, it also lets you customize diagram size and properties, manage table templates, automatically adjust model layout, etc.

Download MySQL Workbench