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MoboPlay is a really good Android desktop manager freeware for Windows. It lets you manage Android device through PC. Plus, option to project phone screen into PC is also possible using this software. All the relevant information like storage space, mobile number, and hardware information about phone can also be viewed on PC.

To categorize data, MoboPlay provides many fields such as installed apps, system apps, camera images, music, videos, contacts, messages, etc. All of these fields have many options, using which you can upload, export, and delete data of an Android device using PC. If you want to view all files and folders of phone memory, then you should use the File Manager that is present in Toolbox menu. From field to field, some options will change. For example, in Apps Field, you get option to uninstall apps, transfer apps to SD card or vice versa, whereas in Images Field, you get option to set wallpaper of phone from PC. These field specific options provide more flexibility to users, and also make android phone management easy.

Moboplay also enables you to send messages through PC, but option to call from PC is not available in this Android manager. Messages and contacts also need management, and this Android manager can easily manage them as it contains all necessary tools and functions.

Dedicated MoboPlay store of this software makes it a very compelling software to have. All kind of apps and games are present on its own app store and you can easily download apps from the Moboplay store and install them in your Android device through PC.

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