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MindStick Cleaner

MindStick Cleaner is another great software to clear browsing history. This is a simple web browser history cleaner software, which supports many web browsers including Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc. You can clean temporary files, internet history, cookies, download history, sessions, site preferences, saved form information, saved passwords, recently typed URLs, and much more. You can select/deselect any of these options before cleaning browser history. When you are done, click on Analyze button and the software performs a scan and shows Cleaner Status Report. The Cleaner Status Report contains File Name, File Approximate Size needs to be deleted, and Number of Deleted Files (if any).  Moreover, it also displays the space to be freed after deleting these files. A single click on Run Cleaner button will delete all the selected files on web browsers.

Apart from clearing browsing history, it also has the following features:

  • You can delete recent documents, thumbnail cache, taskbar jump list, etc. from Windows Explorer.
  • It also lets you empty recycle bin, clean temporary files, memory dumps, etc. from your System.
  • You can also clear old prefetch data, menu older cache, user assist history, etc.
  • Adobe Flash Player and Windows Media Player history can also be deleted using this free browser history cleaner.
  • You can also delete the history of game explorer, MS Search, MS Wordpad, RegEdit, etc.

Download MindStick Cleaner