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MEO Encryption Software


MEO Encryption Software is a free and powerful video encryption software for Windows. It can encrypt and decrypt files (videos, documents, media, etc.), folders, and emails. It uses Blowfish and DES algorithms to encrypt files and folders. At any time, you can choose an algorithm to encrypt files from its options menu. Options menu contains one more handy option named extensions that allows you to set any random extension type at the end of an encrypted file.

In this software, you can also create a self-decrypting file that you can easily share with others. The main advantage of the self-decrypting file is that you can decrypt this file without the use of this software. Though, a password protected program is always attached to the file to decrypt file when needed.

To encrypt video files, go to its encrypt file options and select all the video files that you want to encrypt. Press next and select an algorithm and self-decrypting file option if necessary. Again, press next and set a password to encrypt the files. Just like encryption, you can also perform decryption by using the decrypt a file option.

A hash validation feature is also available in this software through which you can compare the hash of two files to check the identicality of two video files.

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