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Media Catalog Studio


Media Catalog Studio is another free playlist manager for Windows. It lets you manage both audio and video playlists. All the playlists can be managed in the Playlist Manager of this software. In order to launch Playlist Manager, go to Edit > Playlist Manager.

How to use this free playlist manager software:

The Playlist Manager of this software works only after you perform a scan for media files. You can scan either the entire drive in which you kept the media files or a particular folder. The scan for media option is available in the File menu.

After the completion of the scan, all the playlists are added to Playlist Manager automatically. Now, launch Playlist Manager and manage the playlists as per your interest.

You can manage your song playlists with the help of this software by performing the following actions:

  • Adding or deleting songs from a song playlist.
  • Modifying the sequence of songs in a playlist.

It also displays the length of each song in a playlist. PLS, M3U, WMV, MPG, AVI, WAV, MPC, AAC, etc. are some file formats supported by this software.

Download Media Catalog Studio