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McAfee Stinger


McAfee Stinger is a standalone and portable antivirus software for Windows. This portable software can scan and remove viruses, rootkits, malware, etc. Still, this standalone antivirus is not a replacement for a full or complete antivirus software. It only scans the system for a specific list of threats. You can view the list of all threats that this software is aiming to find from the Advanced > Threat List menu.

To perform a quick scan, just press the scan button. The quick scan by default targets those parts or sectors of a system where most of the viruses and threats are known to reside. Though, you can customize the scan behavior from the settings menu. Through settings menu, you can vary four parameters for scan named scan targets (registry, rootkits, boot sector, etc.), scan options (subsidiaries, inside archives, and report applications), on threat detection (repair, report, and rename), and GTI sensitivity (high, low, medium, etc.).

After the scan, this software can either remove, repair, or move threats to quarantine according to the user-defined “on threat detection” setting. If detected threats move to quarantine, then you have one more option to restore important data or files which get deleted or stopped working after the scan.

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