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Learning Content Development System


LCDS (Learning Content Development System) by Microsoft is one of the best free eLearning authoring software for Windows. It is one of the easiest to use authoring software as the interface is well organized and displays only those options that are needed for content development. Also, it comes with spell check feature to check for spelling mistakes in the added text.

Using this authoring software, you can create eLearning Courses and Learning Snacks in an easy way. As you choose any of these options, you can write course name, modules, lessons, topics, etc. Thus, you can design the course structure for better content organization. After that, you just need to choose from available templates, which are further arranged in Interact, Watch, Play, Read, Try, and Classroom categories. Let’s have a look at these templates:

  • Using templates categorized under Interact menu, you get options to use interactive templates such as Slider, Sequence Activity, Slider, Drag and Drop, etc.
  • While using Watch templates, you can add animation files (SWF, WMV, etc.), add Videos and other media contents, and add many other kinds of animations for easy content visualization and demonstration.
  • The Play Templates help to create Sort Games, Tile Games, and Card Games.
  • If you are using Read template, then you can add desired introduction text, text and picture, insert tables, create MCQs and True/False statements, essay questions, etc.
  • Templates categorized under Try template menu contains two options: Simulation and Lab Scenario/offline. Using Simulation option, you can add pictures and simulation files having SWF format to demonstrate your content. While lab scenario layout contains add Alt Text, Paragraph, and Picture fields.
  • With the help of Classroom template menu, you can add Text, Picture, and Tables in the module you are designing.

At any time of course designing, you may need to stop and save your work. This can be done by just a single click on Save button. And, when your eLearning content is ready, you can use Create option to make Word Document, SCORM Package, Media Map (CSV file), Single SCO Package, Topic Thumbnail, etc. Also, it lets you publish Learning Snacks on SnackBox by creating ZIP files.

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