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Ginger is another one of free writing assistant software for Windows. It provides a text editor where you can enter your text. As you do that, it highlights grammatical, punctuation, spelling, etc. mistakes in your content. On hovering mouse over a particular mistake, you can see the suggestion to correct it. You can either ignore the given suggestion or correct the mistake using that particular suggestion. It also provides tools to check for definition and find synonyms of a word.

Ginger provides a Rephrase button. As the name suggests, this button helps you in rephrasing a sentence. It shows possible sentences to correct an incorrect sentence with. But during testing, it could only rephrase a simple sentence and not a complex one.

Ginger provides a Translate feature too, which is an added advantage. Also, there are Define and Synonyms tools too for respective functions. It also provides a “Phrase of the day” section where you can see some phrases with their explanations, examples, and interesting facts. You can add words to your personal diary so that they don’t appear as errors. It also provides a Personal Trainer to perfect your English. But, you need to buy its premium version to fully utilize this feature.

Ginger provides a lot of customization options too. You can set preferences like Launch App Hotkey, Font Settings, Dictionary (US or UK), etc.

The free version of Ginger provides all of these features. For more tools to enhance your writing skills, upgrade to its Premium version.