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Frontaccounting is another free sales management software. It is basically an open source ERP software that lets you manage sales of an organization as well. The interface of this sales software is well categorized in several menus to manage sales, purchase, manufacturing, fixed assets, items and inventory, and many other aspects of an organization.

The Sales menu is categorized into three sub-categories namely, Transactions, Inquiries and Reports, and Maintenance.

  • Transactions options let you manage sales transaction by making sales quotation entry, sales order entry, creating invoices against sales delivery/prepared orders, etc.
  • Through Inquiries and Reports, it lets you inquire about sales quotation, sales order, customer transaction and generate customer and sales reports and save as Excel file, or print them.
  • The Maintenance sub-menu lets you add and manage customers, create sales group (large, medium, small, etc.), sales type (retail, wholesale, etc.), salesperson, sales area (global, or customize new area), etc.

From the dashboard of this sales software, you can grab information about top customers in fiscal year, overdue sales invoices, overdue recurrent invoices, etc.

You can also use this software to manage many other aspects of an organization, as I mentioned above. To get more details about this software, you can checkout this link.

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