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EDFBrowser is a free ECG viewer software for Windows. The ECG files with formats EDF, BDF, and REC can be viewed in this software. It is an ECG viewer plus simulator software, which lets you simulate the opened ECG file. After opening an ECG file, you will get the following options:

  • You can change the values of amplitude of the ECG signal by selecting any of the available values. Besides this, you can also make amplitude fit to the pane, adjust its offset, or set its offset to zero.
  • You can also vary the timescale of the ECG graph. Various units are available to vary the timescale which include cm/sec, mm/sec, micro sec/page, milli sec/page, seconds/page, minutes/page, and hour/page. Moreover, you can also set any custom timescale by selecting the user-defined option.
  • Select a particular area on the graph by using left click to see the magnified view of that region.
  • If the ECG file contains multiple ECG graphs, you can change the color of each ECG graph.
  • By clicking on the Play button, you can simulate the ECG pattern.

In the Tools menu of the software, you can perform multiple operations on the ECG graph, have a look:

  • Reduce the signals, their duration, or sample rate.
  • Import and export the annotations.
  • Check the EDF/BDF compatibility.
  • Export the EDF/BDF ECG file to ASCII (CSV) format.
  • You can also carry out various ECG format conversions which include Nihon Kohden to EDF+, ASCII (CSV) to EDF/BDF, manscan to EDF+, SCP ECG to EDF+, Nexfin to EDF, Biosemi to BDF+, unisens to EDF+, BI9800TL +3 to EDF, FM Audio ECG to EDF, and many more.

EDFBrowser is a great ECG Viewer tool which comes with a lot of features.

Download EDFBrowser