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Dr.Web Cureit!


Dr.Web Cureit! is another free and portable antivirus software for Windows. It works like a USB antivirus software that you can use from any portable USB device without installing.

This portable antivirus provides complete protection from various types of viruses, rootkits, trojan horses, spyware, and other malicious objects. In it, you can scan the whole system at once or scan a particular directory or folder. All the detected viruses by default move to quarantine. From its quarantine manager, you can restore quarantined files or folders or you can completely remove the detected threats manually. Though, you can also set an “automatic after scan” action to cure mode that enables this antivirus to delete all the detected threats immediately. Besides cure, you can also set some other after scan actions like sound alert, turn off PC after scanning, etc.

This freeware has one more interesting feature in its settings menu named exclusion. This exclusion feature comes in handy as it allows you to exclude important files, folders, programs, etc., that you do not want to scan.

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