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DivX Converter


DivX Converter is another free video resolution converter software for Windows. It makes the task of changing video resolution very easy. Plus, its drag and drop feature to add videos is quite handy. Once videos are added to this converter, you can view titles of all added videos on its interface. Each added video title comes with three menus named Video, Audio, and subtitles. From the video menu, you can easily select video resolution up to 1920 * 1080. Few other things that you can change from video menu are video rotation, bitrate, maximum file size value, etc. The Audio menu lets you change the audio format (AAC, MP3, and DTS), and audio bit rate. As the name implies, subtitles menu is used to add subtitles to video files.

Output video profile is another method to change video resolution and video format together. There are only limited profiles to choose from, such as DIVX mobile, MP4, iPad, DIVX HD 1080p, etc. These profiles are developed to provide a highly optimized version of videos for a particular device.

This software also has its own video editor, through which you can trim, resize, crop, rotate, and add watermark in videos. Plus, you can also vary some video encoding parameters like bit rate, wavefront parallel processing, etc.

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