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CiviCRM is a WordPress plugin for the purpose of membership management.

As you run CiviCRM, you need to go to Memberships > New Memberships in order to add new members to the database. It lets you import membership list into CiviCRM in CSV format. You can assign three types of memberships to the individuals which include general, lifetime, and student. Moreover, you can also define source of membership, start date of membership, end date of membership, etc. In the Membership Payment and Receipt section, you can add the payment information of the member, like payment type (campaign distribution, donation, event fee, etc.), total amount to be paid, payment mode (cheque, debit card, credit card, etc.), payment status (completed, pending, failed, cancelled, in progress, overdue, refunded, etc.), and the date and time on which the payment is received.

Apart from adding memberships, you can add individuals (students, parents, and staff), new household, new organization (team and sponsor), new groups, and new tags. Moreover, you can also import new contacts into the software in CSV format.

You can find added members by applying different filters, like member name, email, membership type, source, membership date, and membership status (new, current, grace, expired, canceled, pending, etc.).

Event Creation: Click on Events > New Events to plan new events. You can give a suitable title, add event type (conference, exhibition, fundraiser, workshop, etc.), role ID (attendee, volunteer, host, etc.) event summary, maximum number of participants, start and end date of the event, etc. In addition, you can also add the participants by importing CSV files.

Contributions: This section lets you add new contributions and manage the existing ones. While adding new contributions, following information is to be added: contact, financial type (campaign contribution, donation, etc.), total amount, contribution status (completed, pending, failed, cancelled, etc.), date and time on which payment is received, payment mode (credit card, debit card, cash, cheque, and EFT), donor information, etc. Apart from this, you can also create your own Price Sets and manage the existing Price Sets.

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