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BleachBit is one more browser history cleaner software for Windows. It lets you clear the history of multiple web browsers, such as Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, etc. It displays only those supported web browsers which are installed on your system. Before performing a delete history attempt, you can keep any of the following data from on your web browser by deselecting the respective checkboxes. This data includes backup files, cache, cookies, crash reports, DOM storage, download history, form history, saved passwords, URL history, session, and more.

In this free browser history cleaner software, you can preview the data to be deleted before deletion. The software scans all the data which you want to delete after clicking Preview button. After scanning, it displays the total size on disk to be freed, number of files to be deleted, etc.

A single click on Clean button will clear the data of all the selected items.

BleachBit is also helpful in cleaning your system’s history. You can delete backup files, temporary files, clipboard history, log files, prefetch data, recycle bin data, search history, thumbnails history, etc. of your system.

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