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Avidemux is a simple slow motion video editor. Here are the steps required to change video speed and slow down a video:

  1. Open a video in any of the supported formats including FLV, AVI, MP4, MPG, MKV, etc.
  2. Choose a Video Output profile and click on Filters option from Video menu.
  3. Now from Transform menu, add Change FPS filter to active filter list by decreasing destination frame rate of the video. You can add the same filter multiple times to edit a video at the desired speed.
  4. To view the preview of the edited video, use Preview button from the same window.
  5. You can Save the video in slow motion in any of above mentioned formats.

Interlacing, Colors, Noise, Sharpness, Subtitles, OpenGL, and Miscellaneous are other editing menus you get in Avidemux. Using these menus, you can add filters/noise to a video, rotate/flip/resize videos, insert subtitles to a video, and more.

Download Avidemux