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Aery32 is another good aircraft design software for Windows. It lets you design an airplane and based on that design, it displays information on “will it fly”.

For designing purpose, you can adjust fuselage length, wing location, stabilizer location, vertical tail location, and nose mass. You can change span, root chord, taper ratio, sweep angle, velocity, etc. for stabilizer, wing, and vertical tail. The aircraft design is displayed below its interface. Now, click on Analyses > Will it Fly option to get information on the same. Additional information on aircraft geometry with suggestions is also displayed, such as “stabilizer may be larger than necessary”, “center of gravity is behind the neutral point”, etc.

Now if the designed aircraft can fly, estimated values of various parameters are also shown in the Information tab. These values include estimated mass, wing loading, throwing velocity, flight angle of attack, stabilizer incidence, estimated stall angle, estimated stall velocity, estimated glide angle, wing span, planform area, wing root chord, wing taper ratio, wing tip chord, wing tip sweep distance, wing leading edge sweep angle, wing aspect ratio, stabilizer span, vertical tail height, etc. Also, you can print this report, but this function didn’t work fine for me while testing.

Aery32 provides a detailed analysis report on created aircraft design with above and more parameters. The aircraft design can be opened/saved as Glider files (.ae) only. You can also open a configuration file and edit/save configuration by setting up default configuration for wing, fuselage, etc.

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