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Advanced Batch Image Converter


Advanced Batch Image Converter is a free JFIF to JPG converter software for Windows. As its name suggests, this software can convert formats of multiple images at a time. Using it, you can convert JFIF and various other image formats like JPG, PNG, ICO, AVS, PNG, PSD, etc. to other similar image formats. The main advantage of this software is that it supports various documents as well as project formats like Adobe Photoshop bitmap (PSD), Text document (TXT), Enhanced Metafile (EMF), Matlab (MAT), etc.

To convert single or multiple JFIF to JPG, first, press the add files button and add single or multiple JFIF images. After that, select JPG format from the output format drop-down menu. Now, you can vary the compression levels to improve image quality or reduce image size to save space. At last, you just need to press the convert button to start the conversion process.

This converter has an advanced setting in advanced tab that lets you associate any of the supported image formats in its output format menu.

It is one of the best JFIF to JPG converter and an overall great image converter.

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