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ADS is a free aircraft design software for Windows. It basically lets you analyze aircraft design based on chosen model and parameters.

The main modules of ADS

  • Analysis: In this module, you can specify datasets for an aircraft and analyze its geometry and performance. These datasets include model (classification, general layout, manufacturer, sources), types (multipurpose, business, transport, high performance, towplane, agricultural, aerobatic, training, touring), layout (wing, tails, landing gears, power plant, unusual concepts), accommodations (accommodation, airworthiness requirements, flight control, airframe), general (length and height in meters), cost (cost, time to build, etc.), and notes. On clicking Compute button, you get a performance analysis which is discussed below.
  • Design: This module is similar to above mentioned one. Here too, you have to mention parameters including model, types, layout, accommodations, sizing the aircraft for, etc. parameters. To analyze the performance of aircraft based on your parameters and specification, click on Compute button.
  • Engines: This module basically introduces you to characteristics of an engine, and also displays it from the front, side, and top views. For this purpose, the provided aircraft model is Rotax 912 ULS. You can choose a desired engine type, configuration, dimensions, geometry, cylinders, weight, center of gravity, moment of inertia, systems (fuel, oil, cooling, induction, ignition, starter, gearbox, etc.), fuel consumption, engine power, etc. In the graph section, you can visualize the engine.
  • Airfoils: This module displays geometric and aerodynamic characteristics of an airfoil.

The performance results which are computed by this aircraft analysis software

Based on parameters you have chosen in Analysis and Design modules, you get respective aircraft performance assessment results.

  1. General: It displays general information related to aircraft design including Wing, Tails, Horizontal Tails, Vertical Tails, Fuselage, Landing Gear, Engine, Propeller, Systems, Weight, Aerodynamics, Stability, and Quality. The information like wing area, wing span, airfoil characteristics, lift slope, positive and negative load factor, root chord, tip chord, sweep angle, aileron span and wing span ratio, and much more is shown.
  2. Performance: The analysis reports on cruise, maximum rate of climb, takeoff, landing, best range, stall, maximum speed, and ceilings. The results include estimation of values like true air speed, indicated air speed, power, flight weight, flight altitude, engine relative power, drag breakdown, friction coefficients, lift breakdown, climb angle, Reynolds number, etc.
  3. Messages: It displays information message and caution message based on aircraft design.
  4. Graphs: This result is shown in Design module only. It shows a graph plotting various input data including cruise, takeoff, climb, stall, etc.

Some other useful tools provided by ADS

  • It provides some utility tools which let you compute Temperature, Pressure, Density, Kinematic viscosity, Dynamic viscosity, Power ratio, Speed of sound, Distance, etc. values.
  • It also provides a Statistics tool which lets you have an immediate analysis on an existing aircraft in the form of table and graph. For this, you can select a target from given aircraft classification, features, variable (wing area, wing span, tails area, tails wetted area, etc.), X value and Y value (geometry, weight, quality, aerodynamics, performance), etc.
  • It also provides a Digitizer option (in Tools Menu) to display the drawing of an aircraft and collect information to measure distances, distance ratios, angles, and surfaces.

ADS is one of the best aircraft design software for Windows. It is a complete aircraft design analysis software which helps you estimate aircraft related statistics and evaluate the performance of aircraft design.

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