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1Checker is yet another free writing assistant software in this list. Firstly, you need to create an account to use it. And, every time you launch it, you need to enter your login credentials.

1Checker basically reviews your text content, highlights errors, and shows suggestions to correct your mistakes. To check for errors in the text, open a document (TXT, DOC, DOCX) or enter your text and click on Review button. As you do that, it displays statistics of errors in a new window including spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes, etc. It also assesses your skills in terms of vocabulary, sentence structure, etc.

In the text editor window, you can see errors highlighted in red color. As you click on an error, there are suggestions to correct it available in the right panel. There, you can see explanations of each suggestion in order to help you correct your text. To correct errors, you can manually correct individual errors by choosing a respective suggestion. Or, use Apply all option to correct them all at once.

From the search bar, it lets you find the definition of a word too. You can even enter a word in Spanish, German, Portuguese, Chinese, French, or Japanese, and get its translation in English. These are some handy features which help you write better.

All in all, 1Checker is another nice writing assistant software which can help you enhance your writing skills.

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